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Pricing plan

You can use an image in the background simply add InlineStyle in div tag and by use of this you can create your own bg. See example below:
<!--=============== price-table ==================-->
<div class="pt-price-block text-center">
<div class="pt-price-detail">
<span class="pt-price-title">BASIC </span>
<h2 class="price"> $ 29.00</h2>
<p class="pt-price-duration">Per Month</p>
<div class="pt-bg-effect">
<img class="img-fluid" src="images/about/demo-7.png" alt="Gymster-image">
<ul class="pt-list-info">
<li>Five brand monitors</li>
<li><del>12-month fixed price</del></li>
<li><del>Transmission charge</del></li>
<li><del>Marketing strategy</del></li>
<li><del>Free Server Domain</del></li>
<li>Web Optimized</li>
<a class="pt-button pt-btn-flat" href="#">
<div class="pt-button-block">
<span class="pt-button-line-left"></span>
<span class="pt-button-text">Read More</span>
<span class="pt-button-line-right"></span>
<i class="ion ion-android-arrow-dropright pt-btn-icon"></i>
<!--=============== price-table ==================-->
Note You Want Other Style Of Counter, Please Go In HTML Folder And Check shortcode-Pricingplan.html Page